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Pupil Voice and Launch of TWS Diary Room

SHaLT Strands - Happy 3 - H3

"I can identify people and activities within school that make me happy and allow me to reflect on my own thinking and happiness". 

On Monday 23 November we launched the TWS Diary Room.  The diary room, similar to the one in the Big Brother House, is an initiative to promote pupil voice and provides a forum for them to express their emotions.  This was launched using the new Disney film Inside Out and provides a modern and interactive way for the pupils to engage with their emotions.  Pupils took part in a Drama activity about emotions which was then integrated into the Inside Out trailer to make it more personal to the pupils at TWS. 

The room is readily accessible for pupils at all times and is situated in a private section of the Pastoral Support Centre.  The content is captured using a mounted iPad and the content is automatically uploaded to a Google Drive where all of the Senior Management Team can access.  Based on the content produced by the pupil would depend on the nature and level of support the school can offer.  This can range from a thorough investigation to look into particular incidents, a pastoral support programme offering mentoring and guidance or a whole-school approach to address reoccuring themes. 

 This initiative focused on emotional wellbeing which we believe is critical in developing a healthy successful school community, including developing a pupil's social, emotional and behavioural skills.  The Programme will contribute to the building of resilient emotional health and wellbeing of pupils. It is intended to be a vehicle for providing the "glue" to integrate individual policies/services such as all non-academic and curriculum activities affecting pupils such as counselling, pastoral care systems, suicide prevention, anti-bullying, discipline process and the healthy schools initiative in a consistent and coherent way.

The diary room will also provide a way for pupils to express their views on school matters.  Through this they may be able to influence change and as these issues can be brought to the attention of the school council.   

To see more information about the launch assembly please click on the following link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3G05rvgNY4yb196SGFRM3laZGs/view?usp=sharing