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Loud Mouth Anti Bullying Event Comes to Westminster

SHaLT Strands - S1, S2 and S4.

On Thursday 22 October the school ran an Anti-Bullying Event in conjunction with Loud Mouth - Education and Training through Theatre.

Research by the NSPCC found that 31% of children experienced bullying by their peers during childhood and a quarter of children bullied by their peers suffered long term harmful effects lasting into adulthood. Cyber bullying is also increasing with bullying by mobiles, email and websites now as common as name-calling among children and teenagers.  Year 3-8 got to explore some of these issues during a ‘Bully_4_U’ theatre and workshop programme.  


Bully_4_U is a safe and carefully structured theatre in education programme that uses drama as a safe way to help children to widen their definition of bullying. 

The focus was on gaining a broad understanding of many different forms of bullying, identifying when bullying is happening and knowing what can be done to stop or prevent it. The session developed children’s empathy and knowledge of where to go to for help, and also included work on cyber bullying and how to stay safe online.

This also allowed all of the pupils to further their development towards the Safe, Happy and Learning Together (SHaLT/SMSC) initiative. Throughout the morning, pupils worked together to look at different scenarios presented by the Loudmouth performers.  Pupils thoroughly enjoyed both the performance and the workshop.  They went on to develop and apply what they had learnt during a cyberbullying lesson where they were able to work together to create their own performances.  These will be showcased to the rest of the School during Anti-Bullying week in November.

More information about the programme can be found at


eSafety and Cyber Bullying

Following on from this, as part of the SHaLT curriculum time, we delivered our first discrete eSafety session about Cyberbullying.  Pupils were able to implement their understanding of the emotions of bullying from the Bully_4_U workshops in a range of activities.  They created a series of Cyberbullying videos for the whole school to learn from that will be launched to the whole school the week beginning 16 November. 

To see the plans for their videos, images of their creation and a selection of their videos follow the link to see more (insert link here). 

For further information regarding the content and to see the slides and videos please click on the following link.  They were informed of the support networks available to them inside and outside of school, as well as the ability for them to report instances of bullying through the BullyWatch section of the School's website and VLE.