SMSC - Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Curriculum - Safe, Happy and Learning Together (SHaLT)

SMSC at The Westminster School has been redesigned as Safe, Happy and Learning Together (SHaLT).

The main purpose of the SHaLT across the school is encompassed in The Schools value statement.  

“Building foundations and providing opportunities to create confident, aspirational and independent members of our community”

 The School has been working hard to promote Safe, Happy and Learning Together throughout the school.  This started with pupils from the range of Key Stages creating a Makaton instructional video. We then spent time with teachers and pupils alike to map the SMSC statements into the SHaLT agenda to make it more personal for the school, teachers and pupils.  The SHaLT Mapping Grid can be found in the attached documents at the bottom of this page.  It demonstrates how each of the SMSC descriptors fit into SHaLT and demonstrates how it permeates all apsects of school life through the Curriculum, Activites and Other School Focus.

Click on each of the Safe, Happy and Learning Together icons below to see how SHaLT works in practice at The Westminster School.  

Safe Page Happy Page  
 Learning Page  Together Page  


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