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How do you communicate with parents/carers?

As a small school communication between school and parents is part of the daily life of the school. Families are actively involved in the school and have a new and growing Friends of The Westminster Parents’ Group which works with the school and forms a supportive parental network which meets regularly. Pupils in focus classes and primary have home/school diaries.

Families are actively encouraged to engage in supporting the pupils within the curriculum, after-school activities and on school trips. This helps promote a close relationship between home and school as well as bringing a range of experience into the learning environment of the students.

We facilitate a range of Parent’s workshops and discussion groups. We work closely with Autism West Midlands and Sandwell Adult Family Learning , recently hosting Pamper Sessions and Scrapbooking courses.

In addition we have a family Support Worker who works closely with parents and carers to offer support and advice in order to ensure that their child makes outstanding progress in their Pastoral and Academic development.

The school has a formal reporting process based largely on the timetable of annual reporting required by the Statement of SEN. In addition to which, both education and therapy staff input reports as required by students for assessment and interventions.

This is what Parents say about us:

  • Always smiling
  • Teachers interact with the children and give up their time for the kids
  • Nobody scary
  • Treated like a human
  • Go the extra mile


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