Home Learning - Key Stage 4


KS4 Home Learning – WestminStars Pathway

Classes: 10.1 and 11.1                                  



A selection of skills pupils will learn at school

Online Lessons and Activities for Home Learning

Home Learning Challenge



Creative Story Writing

- Pupils will develop familiarity and confidence in talking about how texts are written, in terms of style and purpose.

- They will begin to understand that different genres of writing use a specific style of language.

- Pupils will attempt to replicate text style in their own writing.

Short Stories


Memoir Writing


Creative Writing  

- To choose a favourite short story and write an alternative end. Try to use correct punctuation and descriptive language.




- Pupils will be able to read and record time in hours and minutes.

- Read and write common date formats.

- Solve simple mathematical problems that involve time and date.

- Solve simple mathematical problems that involve money



Time 2



- Keep a log including dates and times of activities you have completed at home. For example: 21.09.2020 at 10:12am I made a cup of tea.



Materials and their Properties

- Identify ways that thermal energy is lost from our homes and how to prevent it

- Energy resources that power our homes

- Identifying forces and how they affect us in our everyday lives

- Calculating speed and the factors that affect breaking and stopping distances when we drive



Forces and Motion


Forces in Action  

- Identify sources of energy in your home and how you could reduce the use of energy at home e.g. what uses electricity/gas? How could you save money and the environment by using these less?



Organisation & Spotless

- Pupils will complete a range of practical tasks including preparation and storage of different food types.

- Develop practical skills related to the use of kitchen equipment.

- Cooking and preparing fresh and frozen meals.

Daily Living Skills


Staying Safe


Personal Care  

- Can you safely follow a recipe to cook a fresh meal. Think carefully about cross-contamination when using chopping boards, and how to use sharp knives safely.

We look forward to seeing photos and videos of your home learning activities uploaded to the Evidence for Learning App.
Your teachers will be able to see your amazing work and will write comments back to you! 

Work can be found below in the attachements section. This work is in line with the accreditations being covered at Key Stage 4. This work can be accessed when the original piece of work found above has been completed. Your child's class timetable can be found on their class page on the website.

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