Home Learning - Key Stage 3

KS3 Home Learning – WestminStars Pathway

Classes: Wenlock, Malvern and 9.1                          



A selection of skills pupils will learn at school

Online Lessons and Activities for Home Learning

Home Learning Challenge



Creative Story Writing

- Descriptive writing (describing characters and settings)

- Story sequencing

- Structuring Sentences

- Nouns, verbs and adjectives

- Following and writing instructions

- Rhyming words and patterns

- Telephone conversations

- Sending Emails

The Firework Makers Daughter Lesson & Activities


The BFG Lesson & Activities 


The Man on the Moon Lesson & Activities 


- Create your own fictional characters and use adjectives to describe them


- Use art and craft materials to paint a setting for your story


- Write a short story using your characters and setting with a beginning, middle and end





-  Money – Identifying coins, adding values, finding change

- Capacity – Measuring and comparing liquids in milliliters and liters

- Weight – Weighing and comparing items in grams and kilograms

Measuring Capacity


Measuring weight and capacity 2 




Measure and Money Problems

- Use money you have at home to make amounts for items you find online

- Follow a recipe using a measuring jug and weighing scales to measure out your ingredients



Materials and their Properties

- Comparing and grouping materials based on their properties and relate these to everyday uses

- Filtering, sieving and evaporating

- Taking measurements using a range of scientific equipment

- Taking measurements and recording the results


Materials and their Properties


Materials and their Uses


Exploding Rainbow Experiment

- Explore items you have at home and sort them into the material they are made from (plastic, metal, wood, fabric etc. )

- Find ingredients and items that will fit through the holes in a kitchen sieve.



Organisation & Spotless

- Social interaction and teamwork

- Problem solving

- Safety and hygiene

- Using cleaning materials and equipment (vacuuming, mopping, cleaning surfaces and windows)

- Using Laundry equipment (washing machine, dryer, folding, ironing)

Home Management


Personal Care


Staying Safe


Daily Living Skills


- Participate in jobs at home: vacuuming, dusting, ironing, washing, cleaning surfaces)

- Play a game with friends/family communicating throughout and working as a team.



We look forward to seeing photos and videos of your home learning activities uploaded to the Evidence for Learning App.

Your teachers will be able to see your amazing work and will write comments back to you!