Autism West Midlands

The School works with Autism West Midlands to host events on the school site as well as publishing advice, guidance and courses for parents and carers.

We employ 300 staff, delivering a wide range of services to people on the autism spectrum. As well as residential homes and supported living, we offer a range of training and education services; family support and a helpline service; and support people with autism into employment. Staff are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge, and each year many of them gain additional qualifications. We are an Investor in People and hold the Customer Service Excellence award.

About us

There are more than half a million people in the UK living with autism, an invisible, misunderstood and lonely disability. 60,000 live in the West Midlands.

We are the leading charity in the West Midlands for people affected by autism. We exist to enable all people with autism, and those who love and care for them to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. Our passionate, expert staff and volunteers work across all age groups and abilities, providing direct support to people affected by autism.

What do we do?

  • Support people with autism to live as independently as possible, in residential care, or in their own or the family home
  • Provide activities and events and support for families, and an information helpline
  • Help people with autism to find and keep a job
  • Offer training for parents of children with autism, and the professionals who help them ....and much more!

Our vision

Is a world where all people on the autism spectrum have the specialist care and support they need to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.

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