e-Safety - Home Office Briefing note to schools

e-Safety - Home Office Briefing note to schools
Schools have a vital role to play in protecting pupils from the risks of extremism and radicalisation. Keeping children safe from risks posed by terrorist exploitation of social media should be approached in the same way as safeguarding children from any other online abuse.

The School takes a robust approach to e-Safety and we have a range of policies, procedures and educational opportunities to keep them safe online.  We promote the positive uses of technology and support pupils when they are experiencing problems.

 Social media has become an essential and exciting part of how we live. Millions of young people use these platforms daily to share content. But there are a small minority of users who exploit social media to radicalise and recruit vulnerable people.  Please see the attached briefing that details the role and responsibility of the school.  It will also provide families with useful information about the increasing risks of this matter. 

If you would like any further suport or advice please contact Joanne Turner or Oliver Flowers. 

Home Office - How social media is used to encourage travel to Syria and Iraq (July 2015).pdf673.71 KB