New Food Menu Launching 2015-2016

New Food Menu Launching 2015-2016
Eden Catering, our food service provider, have provided details of our new food menu offerings.

The School works closely with Eden Catering to ensure all of the food on offer to the pupils follows our healthy eating agenda.  All of the food is nutritionally analysed to ensure it provides a balanced variety of choice for Westminster pupils.  FoodHub creates balanced, modern dishes for 11 to 18 year-olds. Their taste buds are inquisitive and ever-changing, so we offer a broad range of different dishes, and provide branded coffee bars for sixth forms.

The school educates the pupils to make healthy appropriate choices throughout the week and the service experience in the canteen seeks to replicate real work environments.  Dinner time at The Westminster School (TWS) utilises opportunties to promote effective communication and purposeful social interactions.  Those who use Augmentative Communication Devices are actively encouraged to use these to order their food and interact with the catering team.

In 2015-2016 TWS is continuing to work with Michelle Stubbs and Eden to devise an options menu for the pupils.  Healthy snacks and fruit are provided for pupils throughout the week and delicious cakes and puddings are available only on Fridays. Please click on the menu link below for further information of the New Menu.

Eden are also launching the "Greens" characters to engage the lower school in healthy options and selections.

Eden Food Service take their responsibilities in delivering food very seriously. They have been awarded the Silver Food for Life Catering Mark and state that:

"We’re dedicated to inspiring our pupils with curriculum-driven educational initiatives that focus on growing, cooking and health. We also work with our schools to create marketing campaigns unique to each establishment.

We give pupils a voice. Our pupils need to be listened to and play an integral role in the development of the food we offer. We have a range of feedback and engagement initiatives including Classroom Cooks where pupils develop dishes for our menus."

If you have any further information or feedback about how the school can improve the menu selection please contact the school office.  If you would like more information about Eden please go to

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