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Mr D Lynch


The vision is for students to understand the roles and responsibilities of working life and to apply them in a business and administrative setting. To ensure students have an awareness of how to market themselves as employable people as well as being knowledgeable about where to go for advice and guidance away from a school setting.

In broader terms, the subject aims to equip students with transferable, employability skills and give them an understanding of realistic employment targets while building their self – esteem and confidence in presenting themselves in a professional and appropriate manner.

The subject will further enhance their IT knowledge and skills to give a solid foundation in IT use in an office setting.



Courses offered - Edexcel BTEC Business Administration (KS4 and KS5)

Course outline -

Btec Entry/Level 1 Business and Administration

This course is 100% coursework based and students must complete 6 credits in order to gain the award accreditation. The units that students must cover involve researching roles and responsibilities in the business and administration sector of employment as well as developing practical skills that could be effectively used in the role of administration.

The course gives learners the opportunity to:

engage in learning which is relevant to them and will provide opportunities to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential

for successful performance in working life

Achieve a nationally recognised Entry 3 or Level 1 vocationally-related qualification

Progress to employment in a particular vocational sector

Progress to related general and/or vocational qualifications.


Course Coverage

BTEC Entry Level KS4




Y1 Autumn

Y1 Spring

Y1 Summer

Unit 8: Using a Computer in Business Administration (3 credits)

Unit 11: I.T User Fundamentals

(2 credits)

Unit 10: Using Email  (1 credit) (Group 1)


Y2 Autumn

Y2 Spring

Y2 Summer

Unit 25: Planning an enterprise activity (1 credit) (Level 1)

Unit 26: Running an enterprise Activity (1 credit) (Level 1)

Unit 27: job Opportunities in business Administration (4 credits) (Level 1)

Course Coverage

BTEC Level 1 Post-16



Y1 Autumn

Y1 Spring

Y1 Summer

Unit 16 : Working in Business and Administration (3 credits)

Unit 28: Word Processing Software (3 credits)

Unit 29: Using the internet (3 credits)

Methods of Assessment

BTEC Business Administration Entry 3 and Level One

Students are assessed by a combination of theory and practical tasks. Evidence can be produced through photographs, videos and witness statements. Students must complete tasks that are identified on their assignment briefs and these are shared with them at the start of each task.


Additional info

Students will be required to take part in whole school enterprise days which can contribute to achieving their assessment criteria.

Students will also have access to the school as a working environment and interact with the administration team to aid their understanding and experience of administrative work.



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