The Westminster School believes that:

  •  Bullying is undesirable and unacceptable.
  •  Bullying is a problem to which solutions can be found.
  •  Seeking help is regarded as a sign of strength and not weakness.
  •  All members of our community will be listened to and taken seriously.
  •  Everyone has the right to feel ‘safe, happy and learning’.

All of us have a responsibility to ensure we do not abuse or bully others.  The school recognises that bullying is a serious issue. Everyone in school has the right to be treated with respect. We recognise the damage it can cause to the education of the victim, the perpetrator and the pupil body as a whole. We are committed to challenging the assumption that bullying is inevitable.

Anti-Bullying Policy 2015-2016 (Approved 10.07.2014).pdf207.29 KB